Qualities To Look for When Hiring a Bookkeeper

The bookkeeper you choose should have a degree in accounting.


A bookkeeper needs to be able to work with numbers, so they should have good math skills. They also need strong computer skills, including an aptitude for learning new software programs quickly if necessary.


Look for someone who has at least five years of experience working with a variety of businesses, including small and large accounting firms.


A stable work history is also important – if the bookkeeper you choose has been with their last three employers for less than a year, you might want to keep looking.


If possible, find someone who will provide references from previous clients or employers.


Recommendations from other business owners or accountants can also be helpful in finding a good bookkeeper.


Make sure you understand the fees involved, and ask if there are any additional charges beyond the standard percentage of total income billed.


Discuss how often invoices will be sent out,  and how long it should take for bills to be paid.


Determine the best system for recording expenses and accounts payable, and make sure that your bookkeeper is willing to work with you on any additional procedures you may require.


By setting up a good working relationship with your bookkeeper, both parties will benefit in the long run!


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