Submit or Process Payroll

You may be highly attentive in spotting mistakes. Still, your payroll recording may contain errors, especially if you run a venture with hundreds of employees.

It's best to check each employee's time-card for mistakes.  By doing so, you can avoid blunders.

Even if the entries are correct, it gives relief that you didn't overpay or underpay your workers.  So, don't miss this vital step.

When the pay date ends, compute the gross earnings of all employees.  Check the employees' hours and the rate of pay for the calculation chore.  Also, consider shift differentials, overtime, and other practices in place.

Computer and deduct taxes, garnishments, benefits premiums, and other deductions and/or withholding.  Finally, withhold from the wages and compute the next pay.

If you've workers who receive checks, print paper checks and disburse those checks to your employees with pay stubs.

If you pay all of your workers through direct deposit, send the payroll file to your bank for processing.

A significant number of employers pay their employees through checks as well as bank transfers.  Find out your company's practice and act accordingly.

After processing payroll, pay federal and state payroll taxes. Don't lag behind in this respect. If you do so, you'll have to bear late filing penalties and fines.

Submit timely deposits to avoid any such issues at quarter-end.

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