While it’s possible to switch payroll providers at any time, there are times throughout the year when the process is easier:   1) the start of a quarter, or  2) the beginning of a new year.

The start of a new calendar year is especially ideal because there’s no historical data for the year, making it much easier to complete the transition in an efficient manner.

If you’re considering switching payroll providers, this guide will provide you with the information you need to make the process as seamless as possible. Plus, many services will gladly work with you throughout the transition to help ensure your payroll information is setup correctly prior to running your first payroll.

Preparing to Switch Payroll Providers

Before you make your decision to switch to a new payroll provider, there are a few basic steps you’ll want to take to be best prepared for the switch: – Review your contract with your current payroll company. Are there any restrictions that outline when you can make a change? If there’s something you don’t understand, reach out to your provider for clarification and notify them of your intent to change providers. – Sign up with your new payroll company.

Preparing to Switch Payroll Providers

Provide the new company with all the necessary information. – Officially transition everything to your new payroll company and close your previous payroll account. – Double check your new account for accuracy.

Once you’ve confidently selected a new payroll provider, it’s time to officially make the switch.  The process of switching providers doesn’t have to be complicated and we are more than willing to provide a high level of assistance.  This typically means completing all data entry tasks, as well as anything else required to ensure a smooth transition.

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The transition to your new payroll provider is not complete until you provide all the required information. Until you do this, your provider won’t be able to pay your employees and withhold the proper amount of taxes. Here’s a list of information your new provider will request from you:

Business Identification Numbers & Information Federal **Employer Identification Number (FEIN)**a State withholding tax ID number State unemployment insurance account number and rate Legal business name, address and business type Bank account and routing numbers Year-to-date gross pay for each employee All payroll summaries for the current quarter (only if switching mid-quarter)

You should have previously collected the following information and forms from all employees: Employee and contractor e-mail addresses, mailing addresses, social security numbers Former employee details for generating their W-2s at the end of the year W-4 State withholding tax form

Worker Classification

You will need to classify workers as one of the following: A W-2 employee A 1099 independent contractor

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