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"Catch Up" with Bookkeeping Service

Are you behind your bookkeeping? Your bookkeeper didn’t show up to work? Do you need to temporary catch up with your books? We can help to make your company run smoothly.

Making Your Business Operation Run Smoothly

At Simplified Payroll and Bookkeeping, our goal is simple – to make life easier for our clients and give them confidence in our work.

From acting as a liaison with your CPA to explaining the jargon that’s common in our industry, we’re here to assist you with all of your bookkeeping and payroll issues.

To find out more about our available business services, please call 737-931-1413 today. 

Trust Us to Go the Distance on Your Behalf

  • No pressure to stay with us but will do what it takes to make our arrangement work
  • Understand the last-minute nature of some aspects of any business
  • May need to review your paperwork for a few weeks to find a solution

Are You Ready for "Catch Up" with Bookkeeping Service?

Are You Behind Your Bookkeeping?

We got you! We understand that Covid has changed the way businesses operate. If you need a bookkeeper that can do work remotely, we are here for you!

If you need to hire us temporarily due to the struggles in finding a new bookkeeper, that’s why we have this “catch-up” service ready for your needs.

Has your bookkeeper tested Covid positive and you need a temporary replacement? We can help with that by assisting you through remote bookkeeping.

Bookkeeping rates vary depending on various factors like the industry, business size, and required financial services. Rates for in-house bookkeepers often vary between $18 and $23, depending on the bookkeeper’s experience. However, you could still outsource your bookkeeping needs to third parties for a monthly fee that starts from $99. We at Simplified Payroll and Bookkeeping are willing to meet your bookkeeping budget. 

Contact us today! We are ready to help your business grow!

Note: Bookkeeping is excellent for helping business owners make good legal and financial decisions. Keeping accurate records helps you quickly analyze your website’s health by looking at your balance sheets, income statements, financial statements, cash flow statements, etc.